Why Does The Printing Color On The Color Printing Bag Fall Off?

- Apr 03, 2019-

Color printing bags are more popular among consumers. The colorful colors also make various food packaging bags more colorful. However, the colorful color on the color printing food packaging bags is unacceptable, but on the food packaging bags. Color shedding is also a common thing, so why is color falling off:

1: Use and selection of printing ink

Ordinary packaging bags are printed with water-based inks, and water-based inks are easy to fall off. The printing of professional food packaging bags is oily ink, and the oily ink has good adsorption force and is difficult to fall off.

2: Printing method

Ordinary bags use a form of printing, which is printed on the surface of the bag. The food packaging bag is printed in the way of printing. The printing is printed on the back side of the packaging bag, and then the printing surface is re-integrated in the packaging bag so that the printing is not exposed to the outside, which is better. Protected the color of the print.

3: The stored environment

The storage of the packaging bag is very important. The packaging bag is placed under the sun for a long time, and the wind blows. Even if the printing method of the printing environment will fade the packaging bag, the packaging bag should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. Save, so that the color of the bag can be retained for a long time.