What Should Be Paid Attention To When Designing Rice Packaging Bags

- Mar 30, 2020-

Rice is one of the most difficult grains to preserve. For many years, people in the rice preservation film and packaging materials, rice air conditioning packaging and other aspects of exploration, the market has emerged a variety of rice packaging methods, such as vacuum packaging with vacuum bags and deoxidizer packaging, vacuum packaging with vacuum bags is the most commonly used in rice sales packaging preservation technology. Although the use of vacuum bag vacuum packaging in the storage and marketing of rice has a good effect on the preservation of the process, but in the circulation process external forces think that the operation will occasionally have very little broken bag rate.

What information should be included to meet national standards? Now the country is very strict on the food industry, we will naturally pay more attention to it. The following is a detailed look at dongguang Chinese plastic industry professional designers interpretation:

The information contained on our common rice vacuum packaging bag basically includes: product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, storage method, warranty period, place of origin, factory address, telephone number, nutrition ingredient list, warranty mark, bar code and other product information. The information on these common rice vacuum packaging bags is conveyed to consumers about the product information, which not only let consumers have a sense of trust on the product, the exquisite appearance is a sales highlight.

With the continuous progress and development of the society, the quality and safety of food has also become the focus of peoples attention, so the focus of rice vacuum packaging bag for the following points: the first rice vacuum packaging bag whether to add nutrition label, these are to provide consumers with the most effective nutrition information, will bring a certain sense of trust

The second is QS quality safety license. QS quality safety shows that it is supervised by relevant departments, which also makes customers have a better sense of trust

The third storage method should be specified to avoid unnecessary losses to customers. This makes the customer feel that we are very human.

The fourth is that the design of the vacuum packaging bag of rice should also be exquisite, there are physical objects to highlight the product, to give customers some demand highlights.

Now the average family population is small, what peoples point of view is also in constant change, the packaging in the process of rice transportation, sales to implement big change small, heavy change light;, on the basis of the preservation effect is sure, there is more potential to dig.

In daily life, the freezer in the refrigerator is common low temperature storage environment, in the high temperature and high humidity in the summer, you can put rice in the freezer storage. The change of rice storage quality, by the effect of storage time is very big, therefore, dongguan mingxin packaging material products factory suggests that we do not buy a lot of each time, each time the amount of purchase within two months consumption is better. Rice small packaging, so that consumers can eat up in a short time, is the development trend of rice sales vacuum packaging.