The Relationship Between The Quality Of Woven Bags And The Weight Of Gram

- Apr 19, 2019-

When we talk about the weight of the woven bag, we usually do not use a few kilograms of kilograms. We will use the square gram weight of the woven bag. The square gram weight is the gram per square gram of the woven bag. However, customers who are not familiar with our products may not To understand this situation too much, it often confuses the square weight and quality of the woven bag. What is the relationship between the two? The following small series will give you a case of our woven bag factory.

Manager Wang is a customer from Vietnam. He used to see the promotion of our website and came to our factory to buy a batch of woven bags. He said that he wants to put lime, but he doesn't know much about the weight of our woven bags. Weight and quality are inversely related. He said that it is necessary to weigh a smaller bag, but the quality of the woven bag is not so light. This is contradictory because it is a foreign customer, although it has been more than two years in China, but after all, There are still some things that are not well understood, so in order for Manager Wang to understand the relationship between square weight and quality, our service manager explained patiently to Manager Wang. The weight is the weight of a square woven bag, so in general The higher the weight of the woven bag, the higher its bag weight and the better the quality.

Through the explanation of our service manager, Manager Wang quickly understood the problem of grammar, but because of curiosity, he asked a lot of questions about woven bags, although the communication was not particularly smooth because of language problems, but because of our service manager Patience, Manager Wang successfully purchased a number of favorite products and praised the patience of our staff.