Teach You To Distinguish Different White Woven Bags

- Apr 25, 2019-

White woven bag is the most common kind of woven bag in our life. The white woven bag has the widest application range and the largest customer demand. The white woven bag is divided into ordinary white, fog white, whitening, etc. The corresponding parameters are different in performance. The white woven bag also has two kinds of film options: outer cover film and inner cover film. If you want the woven bag to play waterproof function, then the coated woven bag is the best for you. select.

Everyone knows that the bottom of the seam is the end of the production of woven bags. Of course, this procedure has a crucial impact on the quality of the woven bag. The back cover is completed and a woven bag is completed. Like the slicing machine, the sewing machine is also divided into a fully automatic bottoming machine and a semi-automatic sewing machine. The fully automatic sewing machine can flexibly and rigorously adjust the length of the sewing bottom according to requirements, and the woven bag is very standard. Semi-automatic requires some manual operation, and manual operation will have some errors, but it is generally within the allowable range. No parameter errors will affect the use.