Square Bottom Valve Pocket Process Description

- Apr 04, 2019-

The square bottom valve pocket is based on a paper-plastic composite bag or a kraft paper bag. The size and size are according to customer requirements, using environmentally-friendly glue, and manually folded to make the upper and lower seals, or the lower opening of the package.

Square bottom valve pocket

Surface material: natural, white, color kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.

Inner layer material: natural color, white kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.

Additional materials: PP, PE moisture-proof film can be attached.

Port type: Flanged, barrel, membrane or according to user needs. The inner and outer valve ports are customizable according to customer needs

Product features: All environmentally friendly green products, diversified materials, adapt to different product packaging requirements, all paper packaging meets environmental protection and export packaging requirements for Europe and the United States, according to food hygiene requirements, high temperature dehumidification and drying, fine printing, beautiful package, Packing volume is large, standing packaging, suitable for automatic filling of packaging machinery.