Share The Daily Maintenance And Cleaning Of Glasses And Glasses Case

- Apr 21, 2020-

In the life glasses and glasses case use for a long time, the shell will have dust and debris, generally is to take out glasses cloth or even the clothes to wipe. Recently saw on the Internet about glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses, long-term use glasses cloth to wipe glasses, will cause lens wear; The function of the glasses cloth is just to wrap the lens and separate it from the glasses case. Here are some cleaning steps for those who wear glasses:

Glasses case cleaning:

1. Drop a little detergent on your dusty glasses.

2. Rinse under running water and rub gently with your hand.

Cover the lenses with a clean, soft napkin.

4. After soaking up the moisture, place the glasses in a ventilated area to dry.

Cleaning of glasses:

A special wipe paper for four effective methods of glasses cleaning

Special glasses wipe paper is a good choice. Single piece of independent packaging, can be carried, do not need to wash, rip out and play, quick cleaning, remove grease, stains, dust on the lens, the bacteria left on the glasses, frames can be effectively removed. One of its drawbacks is that it can't be used again and again.

Two, the four effective methods of washing glasses by hand

Rinse lens directly with running water to remove dirt. Wash your hands, squeeze some liquid detergent, hand sanitizer and other liquid detergent on your fingers. Keep the lens covered with water, apply detergent to the lens and clean. If the detergent concentration is too large to be diluted, rinse again until it is completely washed off, and finally rinse the droplets off the lens with a small stream of water. If there is still a small amount of water, you can use clean soft dry 100% pure cotton dry, do not wipe. The need for water is a constraint.

Spray cleaning of four effective methods for glasses cleaning

For the antifogging lens series, it is necessary to use its matching antifogging cleaner to clean. Ordinary lens street lamp manufacturers can also use ordinary spray detergent and microfiber cleaning cloth, the detergent will be sprayed on both sides of the lens, with a clean hand to turn the shape of a careful wipe, wipe is finished, and then with the microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the surface.

Four effective methods of cleaning glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine

Every regular optician store has such equipment, the staff can skillfully operate. The correct way is: add water to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, plug in the power, put the glasses, press ON, wait, after washing, turn off the switch, unplug the power. Can also buy a cleaning machine in the family, the price is not expensive.