Precautions For Fertilizer Woven Bags Of Vegetables And Flowers

- Nov 13, 2019-

Usually we don't have to worry about fertilizer and water when we plant things on the ground, because the land area is large and the roots penetrate the soil. However, due to the small space, potted plants should pay attention to water and fertilizer. If the fertility is not enough, it will affect the growth, delay the development of the whole growth period, affect the yield, and all must be applied with fertilizer. For vegetables and flowers, it is necessary to apply fertilizer once every two months. For fertilizers that are to be decomposed, nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer or compound fertilizer can be used.

Vegetables, flowers and plants for water requirements, usually can be watered, can also be combined with some rice water or soybean water, but after fermentation, rice water or soybean water can be stored in a closed container in the sun for a few days, separated Let it go for two days and it will be used in a week or so. Rice water or soybean water contains nitrogen fertilizer, which is extremely beneficial to plant growth, making vegetables and flowers grow prosperous.


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