Paper-plastic Composite Bag Technology Articles

- Apr 09, 2019-

China's plastic flexible packaging industry is the most common form of color-printed composite bags. The upstream industries involved mainly include PE film, CPP, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, etc. The downstream involves food processing, pharmaceutical packaging, electronics, industrial packaging.

Packaging bags are widely used in industrial packaging, daily packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, technology, military and other fields, and vary by type.

With the continuous development of the domestic flexible packaging market, the types of materials used are gradually enriched. Among them, PE, PP and PET films are used as substrates. After aluminum plating and compounding, they are widely used in food packaging (including milk powder packaging) and washing. Daily chemical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, pesticide packaging, building materials packaging, etc.

Packaging effect of different processes of paper-plastic composite bags

In recent years, with the packaging and bearing requirements of different industries, more and more customers have touched paper and plastic bags. The advantages of coated paper-plastic bags are as follows: 1. The outer packaging of the coated bag is waterproof and moisture-proof. For products with high unit price and easy oxidative deterioration, this kind of packaging can protect against water and moisture; 2. The color of the film packaging bag is outstanding, which can show the strength of the manufacturer and attract customers' attention. 3. The colored powder will be grayed out during the filling process. If the paper is not covered, it will not be easy to clean after the product is packaged.

Middle and side seam bags

The center bag is integrally formed, and the sheet is stuck in one. The side seam bag is made up of two sheets. The former is relatively waste material in terms of craftsmanship, and the appearance is high, and the price is naturally more expensive. The general product has a high unit price and is used in the middle seam bag. Side seam bags are widely used, and most of the domestic packaging bags are used in the middle seam bags. The export packaging is mainly center bag.

Ordinary intima & endometrial adhesion

Nowadays, the big manufacturers have improved their own filling equipment. The traditional bagging has certain loss and ashing problems. Therefore, the inner bag is also improved by a certain process. The inner bag sticking technology solves the above problems in a large part, and the package is more convenient after filling.

Paper-plastic composite square bottom valve pocket

Three-dimensional packaging paper plastic bags are widely used in the building materials industry, and putty powder is the most installed in 25KG.