How To Choose Aluminized Packaging Bags And Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags

- May 11, 2020-

Due to the variety of styles of customized packaging bags, the performance of the products varies depending on the composite materials. To popularize the difference between aluminized packaging bags and aluminum foil packaging bags and which one is more suitable for you.

1) aluminized film is a thin layer of aluminum boiled on top of the plastic film. Its essence is plastic film, while the aluminum foil is metal, which is the essential difference.

2) the aluminum film barrier is far better than the aluminum foil, because the thickness of the aluminum layer is not as thick as the aluminum foil

3) the types of aluminum plating film has a lot of, such as aluminium coated PET film, aluminum plating CPP film, aluminum plating OPP film, aluminium coated PVC film, and aluminium coated nylon film, aluminum plating film, PE and even aluminized TPU film, etc. And the aluminum foil is the aluminum foil, aluminum foil, of course, the thickness of the different, use is different also, don't do in detail here.

4) low cost of aluminized film and high cost of aluminum foil.

5) because aluminum foil is a metal material, if it is folded, there will be creases that cannot go down, while aluminum plating is a plastic film, which will not occur.

6) the stiffness of aluminum foil products is higher than that of aluminized film, of course, which is determined by other consistent layers.

To sum up, if your product needs to avoid light, water and air and is not too concerned about its appearance or as an inner layer of packaging, it is recommended that you use aluminum foil packaging bags.

If the storage conditions of your products are not so strict, it is recommended that you use aluminized packaging bags.