Green Road To Plastic Packaging

- Apr 17, 2020-

Plastic packaging bag is closely related to peoples life, at the same time, we are facing increasingly serious environmental problems. As early as 2008, the state issued a plastic restrictions, but the actual effect is not much, which is related to the characteristics of the industry, technological development and implementation of supervision and other factors. But now we are glad to see that the green road is taking shape. With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to health and safety. Consumers are happy to choose green plastic bags when shopping, which generally include recycled plastic bags and new material plastic bags. Plastic packaging bag manufacturers in the production process has adopted a new technology, added the degradation of the parent material ingredients, commonly known as degradable plastic packaging bag, the environmental plastic packaging bag in line with certain conditions can be decomposed.


Huaxin color printing processing technology, to create green plastic packaging bags. Recently, at CHINAPLAS2016, huaxin color printing launched the optimized Zytel polyamide resin, in addition to excellent mechanical properties and heat and chemical resistance, the material also has excellent damping performance, can improve the engine surrounding parts of the noise, vibration and acoustic roughness (NVH) performance. Scientists have discovered that a bacterium can consume plastic packaging at around 29c in six weeks. Tests showed that the bacteria used enzymes to break down PET to produce an intermediate chemical. The chemical is then taken up by the cell and further broken down by other enzymes in the cell, providing the bacterium with carbon and oxygen to help it grow. Experts say the bacteria could be used to kill the growing number of plastic bags and other products that are damaging the planet.

The state has raised environmental protection and circular economy to the strategic level, and introduced targeted support and encouraging policies and measures. With the help of the Internet, the national development and reform commission is promoting a new recycling model for plastic packaging bags. The ministry of finance issued the catalogue of value-added tax preferences for products and services with comprehensive utilization of resources, and the central government included ecological progress in the 12th five-year plan. All these indicate that the country is making efforts to support and guide the plastic industry, including plastic packaging bags, to develop in a green, environmentally friendly and intensive direction.

The road of green environmental protection of plastic packaging bag is the inevitable of industry and social development, which requires the common participation of the whole society. Lets start from ourselves and contribute to the green ecological civilization!