Factors Affecting The Stitching Of Woven Bags

- May 28, 2019-

In the process of producing the Chenbang plastic woven bag, the requirements for stitching are relatively strict, and in the process of stitching it, there are also many factors that have influence.

White woven bag


The strength of the sewing thread used for sewing the woven bag depends on the type of the thread, the thickness of the thread, and the number of strands of the thread. Assuming that the stitch length is too large, the stitching strength is lowered; however, if the stitch length is too small, the woven cloth is stabbed and the strength is also lowered. The stitching quality of the woven bag is also affected by the stitching and splicing method. The splicing method includes curling, hem, wrapping, lapping, etc., including the hem width, the hem width, the hem width and the method, and the lap joint. The amount and method, the spacing of the suture to the bottom, and the like.

The shape of the chain of the suture also affects the stitching effect of the woven bag, including the single line is still double line, and the tightness of the thread sleeve.