Epidemic Prevention And Control Measures

- Mar 05, 2020-

On Feb. 18, Chen bang resumed production.Given the critical period of work, epidemic prevention is a top priority. The company has further formulated the epidemic prevention work plan and comprehensive prevention and control policies to ensure the health and safety of employees.

The company strictly controls the import of the company. Before employees enter the company, they have to undergo strict inspection. Their temperature is checked every day. The company also requires all employees to strictly comply with the recovery plan and prevention and control plan, to ensure disease-free work, compliance with management, and active epidemic prevention.微信图片_20200305151836


The office area should be ventilated, and the epidemic prevention team will regularly spray and disinfect public areas (such as workshops, offices, elevators, toilets, halls, conference rooms, corridors and stairs).



The company has adopted the isolation and division of the office area,and employees use contactless dining. We have also established temporary isolation points to strengthen the protection of our employees.



The company actively carries out epidemic prevention propaganda work, sets up epidemic prevention bulletin boards at the door, raises employees' self-protection awareness, holds epidemic prevention meetings, carries out epidemic prevention work, and always puts the safety and health of employees first. We will work together to resolutely win this fight against epidemics!



Since resuming work on February 18, on the basis of active protection, the normal work of Chenbang  has gradually resumed. Although the current epidemic is still grim, we will not stop serving customers.