Environmental Protection Index For Different Material Woven Bags

- Apr 22, 2019-

The types of woven bags can be divided into many types. According to different production raw materials, they can be divided into plastic woven bags, kraft paper woven bags, coated woven bags, paper-plastic woven bags, etc., and environmental protection coefficients of different woven bags.

1. Theoretically, the woven bag of paper material is higher than the environmental index of plastic woven bag. In all kinds of woven bags, it is more environmentally friendly, which is a kraft paper woven bag. It is mainly made of kraft paper, followed by paper-plastic composite. The woven bag and the paper-plastic composite woven bag are added with a plastic film in addition to the paper material. This plastic film is not easily degraded naturally.

2, the environmental performance is poor plastic woven bags, plastic woven bags are polypropylene (English name pp), low temperature impact resistance, easy to age, is the most environmentally friendly of all woven bags, but modified The latter polypropylene can overcome this disadvantage and thus improve its environmental friendliness.

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