Determination Of The Square Bottom Valve Pocket

- Apr 12, 2019-

The square bottom valve pocket is a type of packaging bag that realizes high-speed quantitative filling by inserting the valve port at the top or bottom of the bag into the material filling port of the valve pocket filling machine. It is available in a variety of different types of valve ports to accommodate a wide range of different types of valve pocket filling machines and packaging products. It adopts high-strength kraft paper or paper-plastic composite cloth packaged by Shanghai Nanpeng. It has high firmness and strong impact resistance. It is filled with materials and automatically enriched in growth cubes for easy stacking. It is suitable for granular, powder and ultrafine powder. The material packaging is the type of environmentally-friendly packaging bags commonly used in the world, and is especially suitable for export-type enterprises.

Valve pocket

Surface material: natural, white, color kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.

Inner layer material: natural color, white kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.

Additional material: PP, PE moisture-proof film can be attached.

Valve port type: flanged, barrel, membrane or according to user needs.

Product features: All environmentally friendly green products, diversified materials, adapt to different product packaging requirements, all paper packaging meets environmental protection and export packaging requirements for Europe and the United States, according to food hygiene requirements, high temperature dehumidification and drying, fine printing, beautiful package, Packing volume is large, standing packaging, suitable for automatic filling of packaging machinery.