Color Printing Woven Bag Advantage Introduction

- May 15, 2019-

Nowadays, many people choose to print their own logo on plastic woven bags, so that they can distinguish themselves and their peers, and also improve their product value. However, sometimes the printed woven bag will appear: the color of the printed ink layer is discolored; the printed ink is not uniform; the printed content of the front bag is stuck to the back bag, and the printing plate is smeared. What is the cause? How to correct it?

After many years of continuous exploration, Chenbang Plastic Industry Weaving Bag Co., Ltd. quoted the new automatic machine equipment on the printing of plastic woven bags. It can control the tightness of the printing roll freely during printing. The printed plastic woven bags are uniform in color; the ink is used. Environmentally friendly water-based ink, soluble in water, harmless to talents, and stable color page; workshop is controlled by constant temperature, the machine comes with drying function, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, it can guarantee that the printing layout will not fade No ink drops.