Classification Of Kraft Paper Bags And Market Status

- May 03, 2019-

Green environmental protection is the theme of the times and the future development trend of packaging materials in the packaging industry. In the background of this era, the kraft paper bags that can be recycled many times are favored by the public, and it is reasonable to be widely sought after.

When shopping, we can see a variety of portable kraft paper bags, and in the food industry and many other fields are also more useful to kraft paper bags, from the color point of view, the kraft paper bags used in the food industry can be divided into There are two types of yellow kraft paper bags and white kraft paper bags. According to the characteristics of packaged foods, kraft paper bags with various functions such as aromatic oil, waterproof and printable have been developed.

However, the choice of function is also a matter of choice when customizing the production of kraft paper bags. It is very likely that a product will not use all the functional requirements. This requires designing the functions required to package the products so that they can be used up. Maybe less money and get more value.

At present, the attitude of the market for kraft paper bags lies in the printing quality of kraft paper bags, the length of construction, the quality of packaging, etc., which must be paid attention to when producing kraft paper bags. From the printing point of view, the printing smoothness of the kraft paper bag is affected by the choice of its own material, such as the raw material base paper, and also by the fiber form and the number of composite layers. At the same time, the higher the paper weight of the kraft paper bag, the greater the paper tightness, and the higher the printing reproduction ability of the finished kraft paper bag.