Chenbang Newly Purchased Computer High Speed Gravure Printing Machine

- Nov 18, 2019-


Due to the recent expansion of the company's business scope and increasing productivity, in order to meet customer needs and ensure product quality, a new computer high-speed gravure printing machine has been added to the color printing workshop.


This model has an effective width of up to 1.3m, a maximum printing speed of 200m/min and a printing color of 8 colors. It can achieve maximum speed without stopping, no speed reduction, saving time, improving efficiency and reducing waste; multiple return air paths, dry from the inside and the table, will not produce false dry phenomenon; the guide roller layout is smooth, making the material The membrane runs smoothly; Japan imports low-friction cylinder drive, the encoder detects stable tension and adjusts quickly and accurately; the super low-resistance tension swing roller can absorb tension fluctuations, ensure stable printing tension, and greatly improve the stability of quality; independent tower type Roll frame, synchronous belt drive, high precision, low speed and low noise, low vibration, which is beneficial to the stability of the whole machine.


Chenbang has advanced professional technology and has many international high-speed computer printing equipments with a daily printing capacity of over 800,000. The production line adopts international advanced composite equipment and domestic leading double-sided polishing compound technology, and the daily output exceeds 1000000. Chenbang has established domestic advanced materials, products, process technology research and development centers and product testing centers, and can customize various sizes, various printing and various load-bearing packaging bags according to customer needs. The strong technical advantage and the innovative R&D team replace the replacement foundation for the company to produce high, fine and good products. It is the plastic packaging customization expert around you.

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