Can I Buy A Woven Bag And Just Pay Attention To The Price

- May 23, 2019-

Last week, our customer service received an old friend of Nantong from the official website. They have been there once last month. Although the amount of woven bags is not large, it is very interesting. The customer wants a gray-green woven bag for packaging construction waste. As long as 500, although the amount is not large, but looking for a lot of woven bag manufacturers, I want to find a cheaper, so when I found us last month, I just asked the price and left. I don't care about the quality issues that our customer service emphasizes. But last week we went back and found us. The 500 woven bags they bought last time were indeed a bit cheaper than ours, but when they were actually used, the problems were particularly high:


Some of the back cover is not strong, the bottom of the bag is broken directly, and the garbage is dropped, and the workers have to reinstall it;

Some of the quality is too bad, a bit of angular garbage will break the woven bag, use two woven bags.

Some of the silk is too sparse, and it is easy to leak when it is put in.

In this way, the number of gray-green woven bags that can be used in the eight-passenger is less than 400. And it is more troublesome and delays a lot of time. Therefore, this customer chose our Chenbang Plastics Industry when they purchased again, but because of the last lesson, the customer first bought ten trials and decided to buy them after determining the quality.