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- Jul 16, 2019-

Our countrys woven  bag industry imports more than originals, even innovation, is only imitative innovation, and the quality of the products manufactured has not improved. Although China is already a big producer of woven bags in the world, the products produced by the enterprises supplying waste woven bags in China are basically at the middle and low level. With the continuous development of science and technology, resources and energy are becoming increasingly tense, and environmental problems will become more prominent. At present, although plastic flexible packaging materials are developing rapidly, they are also facing severe challenges. In addition to satisfying the increasing packaging quality and efficiency of different products, the future woven bag products also require that they should take saving resources and energy as the starting point of technological development to achieve high performance in the woven bag industry. Development of multi-function, environmental protection and widening application fields. Therefore, expanding the industrial scale of Chinas woven bag industry and upgrading the overall standards of the industry have become the most important task of Chinas woven bag industry at present. Under the background of rapid development of mobile internet, woven bag industry will not miss this rare development opportunity. In order to improve the industrial scale of the enterprises supplying waste woven bags, many enterprises supplying waste woven bags have built perfect marketing and sales system in mobile Internet in succession. The purpose is to make full use of it. Make use of the advantages of mobile Internet to improve the overall level of enterprises supplying waste woven bags.

The Internet + mode must have Internet thinking. In the face of many difficulties such as low capacity overcapacity and homogenization, and the traditional management of sales channels, the discussion and attempt on how to break through the woven bag industry has never stopped. With the popularity of the Internet, more and more enterprises supplying waste woven bags have begun to enter the Internet, and even some traditional distributors are unwilling to enter the Internet alone. However, the vast majority of the supply of waste woven bags enterprises on-line contact or failure. As a new business model, mobile Internet can not only improve the overall economic profit of the woven bag industry, but also help to improve the informationization level of the woven bag industry in management, management, marketing and sales, so as to enhance the overall strength of the woven bag industry. In the field of mobile internet, if the enterprises supplying waste woven bags want to achieve considerable development, they must satisfy the individualized and diversified product needs of various consumer groups, so as to broaden the application field of the enterprises supplying waste woven bags.

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