Why are some woven bags shipped slowly but faster

- Apr 09, 2019-

Our manufacturers' woven bags can be divided into custom woven bags and conventional woven bags according to specifications and customer requirements. Conventional woven bags are of common size and have no special requirements. We have a large number of semi-finished barrels for such woven bags, so conventional Size woven bags usually have a short delivery time, and conventional woven bags of less than 100,000 pieces can be completed in three working days.

However, custom woven bags are different. Some customers have special requirements for their woven bags because of their special needs, such as special shapes and oversized or very small sizes, and some require more complicated printing. It is to start from the pp granules, from the granules to the flat woven fabric and then to the woven fabric by the circular loom, and finally to print the cut back cover to make the finished woven bag. There are many steps in the middle, which are far more complicated than conventional woven bags, so the delivery time will naturally be much slower. This kind of woven bag takes 7-10 working days to complete according to the situation.