What determines the production quantity of woven bags?

- Apr 03, 2019-

Chenbang Plastic Industry Woven Bag Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of woven bags. During the years, we provide various woven bags for various industries. Because of different industries, each customer's demand for woven bags is also different. However, in general, the number of woven bags that our woven bag manufacturers give customers will have a slight deviation. Why? The following small series will introduce to you.

In fact, in general, the quantity given by the manufacturer is a certain deviation, because the finished woven bag is cut out from the woven bag of semi-finished products, and the barrel cloth is generally prepared in advance, large and small, and the weight is also Not the same, so the cut woven bag can not be in full compliance with the customer's demand, so in general there will be a part of the number of discrepancies, of course, this situation we Chenbang Plastic Industry will be informed in advance when signing a contract with the customer More or less will be done according to the opinions of customers.

In fact, customers who need woven bags are generally used for a long time, so there will be no significant impact on the number of woven bags. If the woven bag is not cut at one time, it will easily cause waste. The manufacturer is a big loss, so some of the discrepancies in quantity hope that all customers can understand.