What are the holes in the rice woven bag

- May 23, 2019-

In fact, careful customers will find that some small holes in the rice bag will be small, then the question is, why should these holes be made on the rice woven bag? Let's take a look at it by Chenbang Plastic Industry.

In fact, these holes are for ventilation, because the temperature in the south is different from that in the north, and it is relatively humid. In order to avoid problems such as mold during long-term transportation and storage, the sides of the rice woven bag should be small. The holes ensure ventilation and facilitate the discharge of water vapor.

It may be said that many people will have doubts. Does the rice bag punching holes cause pollution problems of rice? Here Xiaobian can be responsible for telling everyone that as long as there is no safety problem during transportation, rice will not be polluted, but it can be confirmed that everyone should not believe the so-called free rice because of the processing and transportation. On the way, rice will have some slight dust pollution, so all the rice that you buy home must be washed once.

The holes of the rice woven bag are all made by the woven bag manufacturer according to the customer's needs. The hole is called the row of holes, and only the eye has no holes.