The woven bag factory provides you with the acceptance criteria for woven bags

- May 02, 2019-

With the rapid development of the network, more and more businesses choose to sell woven bags online. As the number of merchants increases, the online competition is becoming more intense. Many manufacturers use some small means to attract competitiveness and attract customers. Although these small means may be harmless, they still have some influence on customers who have very strict requirements on woven bags. So next, Xiaobian will take you through some of the acceptance criteria for woven bags.

1. Measuring the weight of the woven bag: A few days ago, Xiaobian also introduced to you what is the weight of the woven bag. When you choose the sample, you should carefully ask about the gram weight of the woven bag and the woven bag of different weight. Its quality is also different from day to day, to ensure a square gram weight, then as long as the production process is not too bad, then the quality of the woven bag should be able to meet the requirements.

2, the size of the woven bag: Some woven bag factory will do some hand and foot in the size of the finished woven bag, either long or wide, always two to three centimeters less, for most customers, two to three centimeters It may not matter, but for those customers who are strictly tailored to the packaging product, this problem is very big, so we must make clear when we place orders with the woven bag manufacturer, our size requirements.

3, quality and quantity: This is the inspection after receiving the goods, the quality is related to whether our products can be safely used in woven bag packaging, and the quantity is not only related to our supply, but also to a certain extent We cooperate with the woven bag manufacturers' integrity issues, so the number still needs to be checked.

The above is only the general method to ensure the quality of the woven bag. We must make five guarantees before each shipment of Wenzhou Chenbang Plastic Industry Weaving Bag Factory: ensure that the size of the woven bag is the size of the customer, and ensure that the woven bag weight is Customers need to set the weight to ensure that other woven bag details such as laminating, printing and so on meet customer requirements, to ensure that the quantity shipped is the quantity ordered by the customer, to ensure that the delivery logistics of the delivery personnel is the customer-specified logistics.