Printing and cutting technology of paper-plastic composite bag

- Apr 16, 2019-

In the process of producing paper-plastic woven bags, there are a lot of technologies, and there are different requirements for these technologies. Do you know the printing technology of paper-plastic composite woven bags? Let's take a look at it!

To produce qualified paper-plastic composite woven bags, the relevant information of the products can be printed on the woven fabric by the printing machine, and then the bag cutting machine (cutting machine) can be cut to meet the size of the customer's needs, and the trimming edge is not allowed to appear scattered, the industry standard There is no requirement for printing. Companies should set corporate printing standards according to user requirements, and consider the type of printing equipment, printing ink types and printing capabilities. Since most companies use letterpress printing, we can formulate corporate printing standards with reference to the relevant standards and requirements for letterpress printing. In the production of plastic woven bags for food, special attention should be paid to the control of the solvent residue of inks. Water-based inks are preferred, followed by For products with a bisphenol component, minimize solvent residue.

For the printing and cutting technology of paper-plastic woven bags, we will introduce them here. I believe that after you understand them, you will add more benefits in future use.