Method for whitening recycled woven bag

- Apr 18, 2019-

Often the method of dyeing white flat yarn with plastic is to add titanium dioxide, and the manufacturer of plastic woven bags will introduce us how to whiten the recycled woven bag:

The first is to increase the whiteness, because the plastic itself has color and transparency, and its whiteness is significantly different from that of a woven bag made of pure raw materials.

Plastic woven bags are used in a wide variety of applications, including food packaging, transportation, and as a dam material. There are so many plastic woven bags that are discarded every day. How can we consider the carrying capacity of the environment and avoid environmental pollution when we use it conveniently? This is about sustainable development. Plastic woven bags are recyclable and are an item that can be recycled. The recycled plastic woven bag is first cleaned, the residual dust is washed away, and then various magazines such as metal, paper, cotton, etc. are removed.

The cleaned plastic woven bag can be directly pulverized, or it can be pulverized first, then washed to remove the magazine. The pulverized and cleaned plastic can be granulated after being dried.

Then there is an increase in opacity. Titanium dioxide can strongly scatter or refract light. If enough titanium dioxide is added to the process of flat yarn, all the light that illuminates its surface will be reflected, making the flat yarn show opaque and noticeable white. Once again, the white is black and gray, and the gray recycled material is white, more or less white or gray. The above introduction to the whitening effect of the recycled material woven bag, I hope to help everyone.