Is the woven bag really cheaper

- May 20, 2019-

Last week, our customer service received an old friend of Nantong from the official website. They have been there once last month. Although the amount of woven bags is not large, it is very interesting. The customer wants a gray-green woven bag for packaging construction waste. As long as 500, but looking for a lot of woven bag factory, I want to find a cheaper, so when I found us last month, I just asked the price and left. But I came back to us last week. He bought 500 bags from a manufacturer who was two cents cheaper than us. The price is lower than ours, but when I really use it, I find that it is really a penny. Goods, the quality of the bag is very poor, 500 bags can really be installed without breaking the 400 or so, the quality is not good, the woven bag is broken, the workers have to re-install the spilled things, more waste of manpower. So in the end, I chose to buy from us, but because of the last lesson, I didn’t dare to place an order directly. Our sales also took into account the customer’s problems, so I sent samples to them for trial, and then they were relieved. single.