Is the fading of printed woven bags the responsibility of woven bag manufacturers

- May 13, 2019-

There are many types of woven bags, and many manufacturers require woven bag manufacturers to print woven bags because of their own needs. The printed woven bag is not only beautiful but also has a certain advertising effect, so it is still very popular. However, there are times when some customers will have some fading when using woven bags. At this time, users will be very unhappy, and then they suspect that it is because the woven bags they bought are not printed, but they will fade. In fact, there are many possibilities for fading of woven bags. The following small series will give you a list.

The first is the possibility of woven bag manufacturers: the fading phenomenon of plastic woven bags is generally due to the fact that the surface corona is not completely processed, the temperature and relative humidity of the printing shop are too large, and the dissolved hydrogen bonding force of the ink system and the woven bag substrate If the difference in dissolved hydrogen bonding force is too large, the surface of the woven bag may not be printed stably, and the pattern ink may be easily discolored. The above is the common reason. Therefore, in the process of producing woven bags, we need to control the relative humidity of the workshop as much as possible, but not too low, otherwise it is easy to generate static electricity.

The second is the problem that customers need to pay attention to here. Our woven bags should pay attention to the following problems during storage.

1. It is time to store and avoid overlapping and overlapping storage. Avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, alcohol and gasoline to maintain a flexible texture and original color for a long time.

2. If you need to wash with cold water or rinse with warm water not exceeding 35°, you should not use force. After washing, it should be placed in a cool place to dry, and it should not be exposed to sunlight.

The above is the reason why several woven bags may fade, and I hope to help everyone.