How to improve the quality of woven bags

- May 06, 2019-

The quality of the woven bag is a concern of every customer, which is related to whether the bag is strong and the product packaging is safe.

In order to pass the quality of the woven bag, we must carry out all-round technological innovation. Our Wenzhou Chenbang Plastic Industry Weaving Bag Co., Ltd. has long been concerned about various problems related to the quality of the woven bag, and has been continuously optimized in improving the quality of the woven bag. These are the optimization experiences of some of the woven bags in our Chenbang plastic industry, and I hope to help you.

Circular loom

In order to improve the heat resistance of plastic woven bags, woven bag manufacturers generally add calcium carbonate to ordinary plastic woven bags, and the heat resistance is improved. Generally, about 40% of calcium carbonate is added to polypropylene, and heat resistance is improved by about 200C. When the filling ratio is ≤ 20%, the heat resistant temperature is increased by 8 - 130C. The principle of the composite woven bag is to apply the resin to the substrate woven fabric in a molten state. Only the molten resin was applied to the woven fabric and immediately cooled to obtain a two-in-one woven fabric. If the molten resin film is sandwiched between the woven fabric and the paper or the plastic film during the compounding, and then cooled to obtain a three-in-one woven cloth coating, the flat fabric can be coated on one side to obtain a sheet cloth.