How to choose the right woven bag

- May 27, 2019-

This kind of woven bag is relatively low in process requirements, only need some simple color printing. Our Chenbang plastic owners have to do the yellow woven bag, the gray green woven bag and the white woven bag.

White woven bag: The white woven bag is of better quality than the yellow and grayish green because it is basically made of new material. So the price is relatively high compared to the previous two. White woven bags are generally used in cotton mills and textile mills. There are also some chemical plants that are also used. Most of the woven bags that are flood-proof and flood-proof during the flood season are mostly white.

Puhuang woven bag: Puhuang woven bag price is in the middle, but the quality is also good, building materials factory mostly use Puhuang woven bag as product packaging, and some express logistics companies also choose yellow woven bag packaging express

Gray-green woven bags: Gray-green woven bags are relatively low-priced in these three woven bags, so many products that require one-time packaging often choose gray-green woven bags for packaging, such as construction waste on the construction site and packaging bags for express logistics.

Of course, for many reasons, many woven bags require waterproofing and wear resistance due to the use requirements, and the woven bags above us also provide film coating and thickening processing.