Four advantages of white woven bags

- May 29, 2019-

The white woven bag series is white, bright white, white, semi-transparent, transparent, etc., and has a variety of sizes from small to large. Processes such as laminating and color printing meet customers' various customization needs. As long as you want to, Chenbang Plastic Industry can do it. The following small series will tell you about the advantages that our Chenbang plastic white woven bag has to say.

1. Choose the finest new materials to create thick and beautiful products, and use comfortable.

The selection of the finest new polypropylene raw materials, the production of materials is sufficient, the product pulls stronger, the hand feels smoother, the brightness is higher, and the environment is green.

2, the industry's leading production equipment and manufacturing processes, weaving high-quality products, with confidence.

The factory has a new type of woven bag production equipment in the industry, with advanced technology, high precision control, high silk weaving density, uniform preheating, no drawing when cutting, neat and smooth cuts, and better product quality.

3, strong thick seam bottom, strong bearing, sealed, with fun.

The package is made of strong upper-thickness thick lines, and the stitches are even and dense, which improves the load-bearing capacity of the product and has good sealing performance.

4, private order, personalized printing, with the heart.

We can customize products of different sizes and shapes according to customers' needs and needs. The printing is flexible and flexible, the customization cycle is short, and the delivery is more timely.