Flat Kraft Food Packaging Bag

Flat Kraft Food Packaging Bag

Material: Laminate material/multi-layers(Pure plastic/aluminum foil/ metallized)
Industrial Use Food
Surface Handling: Gravure Printing

Product Details

Product Details:

Material: Laminate material/multi-layers(Pure plastic/aluminum foil/ metallized)

Industrial Use Food

Surface HandlingGravure Printing

Sealing & HandleZipper Top / Heat Seal

Thickness80-200 microns

Size: 250g, 500g, 750g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg or according to your request


1)Security, barrier, non-leakage, high clear,moisture-proof, strong sealing

2)Realistic & lively print effect help upgrade the image and competition ability of your products

3)Comfortable feeling to prove high quality of our raw material and ensure the stable high and feature of the packaging

Brown paper is a tough water-resistant packaging paper, brown and yellow, a wide range of USES, often used in the production of paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sets, volumes and sandpaper.

According to the different materials can be divided into: recycled Kraft paper, Kraft core paper, Kraft base paper, rough Kraft paper, Kraft wax paper, wood pulp Kraft paper, composite Kraft paper.

Our advantages:

Company branding and product information is vibrantly and visually displayed on Kraft paper bags.

Total package weight is less hence making Kraft paper bags more convenient.

Dependent on the pouch style of Kraft paper bags, most of the selected options are self standing making it more consumer luring.

Kraft paper bags can be customized to suit individual brands and product preference.

High barrier lamination ensures durability of Coffee bags and provides overall product protection.

Material properties of packaging material assist with elongating shelf life of commodities.

Lower breakage cost , in comparison to glass packaging.

One-way degassing valves ensure that coffee bags won’t rupture during distribution process.


Kraft paper bags are used to package grounded coffee or roasted coffee beans. It has become very popular to package feed in side gusset bags, which can be branded to the product requirements and have self standing capabilities. Making use of Kraft paper bags is a safer way to transport packaging in contrast with glass bottles.

Kraft paper bags styles favored are usually side gusset bags, but are not restricted to only one bag type as we at pouch direct provide a customized or stock selection to all bags types. Customized Kraft paper bag orders have a minimum order quantity of 15000 units and all stock orders have a minimum of 1000 units. Kraft paper bags are produced with various materials dependent on the weight of coffee beans. Most popular feature for Kraft paper bags is the option of a one-way degassing valve. The primary function of a degassing valve would be to remove excess gas within pouches to prevent ruptures of Kraft paper bags. Plastic films incorporated within the production process include MET, PPE, PET, LLDPE, BOPP. Kraft paper bags can include laminated, metalized or aluminum lining to enhance the shelf life of goods. Packaging coffee in our flexible bag options are one of the safest ways to package feed and is also known as foil packaging. Kraft paper bags are primarily used for feed packaging, but can be used for tea packaging. All Kraft paper bags printed at pouch direct make use of the rotogravure process allowing us to print up to 10 colors.

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